Electronic Product Code (EPC) encoded on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag

An Electronic Product Code (EPC) gives the unique identity to a physical object which could be your any trade item like T-shirt, gift item, peripheral or any educational product like Digital Video Tutorial DVD or even documents or fixed assets etc.

Once you will implement EPC then you can track the object too because EPC is encoded on RFID tags. EPC is also good for product authentication & anti-counterfeiting.

Electronic Product Code (EPC) uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) so that we can track the product in supply chain & likewise it also increases the efficiency too.

Now major question arises to professionals, engineers, researchers, organizations, universities, entrepreneurs & companies etc. that there could be few more benefits & how it works?

A tag containing a small silicon chip & an antenna is placed on an object. This tag contains important information in form of unique serial number like AD00F70G120005E7. You can say that this information is known as EPC.

EPC is a string of numbers & letters which contains a header & three sets of data partitions. The first partition identifies the manufacturer, second identifies the product type (Stock Keeping Unit or SKU) & third is the serial number unique to the item.

Now whenever reader (a kind of device) is placed nearby tag object then low power signal is sent to the tag & that tag responded the EPC. So this tag does not require any external power to work because external power is used by reader to make the reader functional to fetch the information from tag.

This EPC is associated with various types of information related to your product like date of manufacture, date shipped, date delivered & manufacturing place etc. All such database can be accessed at EPCglobal Network. So EPC will be associated with more data in an online database. Few information like about the item or product can be accessible to anyone but other information like where it was made & when it will be accessible or accessed etc. information can be visible only to manufacturer.

Beside tracking the product in supply chain, there are various other benefits of implementing EPC. In a warehouse, multiple tag numbers can be collected in one time, means you just have to place the reader nearby products so you do not need to properly locate or scan the tag. It also provides more options to store or to keep the track of more information related to product or object in a real time. Also, information captured can be shared in a secure manner. Readers installed in warehouses, factories & distribution centers etc. can automatically record the movement of goods from the production line to the point of sale or consumer.

Along with all these advantages, you can also implement professional programming to create more robust, comprehensive, technical & informative customized system as per your organization or business requirements, workings or corporate needs & for your all associations, distributors & customers.


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